About Me

Every moment of our life is unique. Photography gives us the opportunity to catch this unique and allow return to it again and again.

My name is Shanti Alex. I became interested in photography at school. Film camera, bathroom with reagents for the film developing and photo printing equipment – it was a fascinating world to me.

Unfortunately, as time was going by, less and less time was left to my beloved hobby. Then, a long break in 12 years followed. During that time, I created a company that was bringing money and then gave up traditional way of conducting business as it was eating away all my lifetime.

Therefore, in 2007 I decided to change the things and followed by tradition, I went to India in search of meaning of life and inspiration.
In India my interest in photography, come alive again. In a few years of traveling the world, it has grown from hobby to а profession.

I prefer travel and reportage photography most of all. In addition, I organize master classes and photo tours and teach photography.


Was awarded the Silver Medal of Creative Union of Artists Russia
for contribution to Russian Art.



17th place in the world for 2014 according to the site pixoto.com in
“News & Events” category.

pixoto 2014 - Shanti Alex


The winner of numerous international photo contests.
The works exhibited at exhibitions in Asia, Europe and Russia.